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Ariete Family Office. The beginning.

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2019 is the 10th Anniversary since we saw Ariete Family Office born. Today, Keko Martínez, Dream Designer, Tigers Guide, and Founder of Ariete FO, tells us how this company was born.


“I’ve ruined myself once and a half, it’s like that.

At 16, I was already a professional football player, I had good income and I could help my family at home, and live better financially than friends of my age, of course. The sporting horizon that was ahead was hopeful and exciting.

However, there came a day in which different factors made me disillusioned with football, reaching six months standing, without a team, trying to find myself. You could say that football and I left each other.

With 24 years I did not have studies, nor professional experience, nor career of football player ahead. My estate was less than 60,000 pesetas, yes, minus 60,000! Negative! When I had always had plenty for my needs and whims.

Luckily, what I experienced in these six months changed me as a person and above all made me be brave and authentic with myself.

I returned a January enrolling in the bottom of group IV of Segunda B, the Guadix of Granada. On a personal and sporting level it was a success and thanks to that, I was able to re-engage to the professional world of football.

I ended my sports career being financially independent and I was able to put together my two passions, beyond my daughters: the patrimony world and helping to build the future of extraordinary people and their families.

Since I was very young I had been attracted to the world of finance and in my many trips and stays in the teams I played, I always took time to study and train for tomorrow. Moreover, already in my last years of career as a professional footballer, I graduated in Business Sciences and later studied a Master in Financial Markets at Pompeu Fabra University, being distinguished as the best student of the Master. We talked about 2008 when the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers took place and the beginning of the biggest economic crisis of the last 100 years worldwide. It was an exciting course.

So this is my EPIC and I do it from the company I founded in September 2009, Ariete Family Office. And I am happy!

Many elite athletes when reaching the end of his career (nowadays less, fortunately) are in economic problems because they cannot maintain the flow of income. Bad or no planning, excess expenses, wrong investments, tax problems, legal problems, family … are usually some of the reasons. And it’s normal, because they have to be prepared and trained for their sports practice. That must be your occupation and concern. Only that.

An elite athlete, artist, entrepreneur or entrepreneur has a flow of asymmetric patrimony generation throughout his life, which requires special solutions.

I feel very comfortable guiding them, advising them. It makes me happy that we fulfill their dreams and the goals we design.

I love to build, to transcend in their lives and that they transcend those of the people around them. And many times they do it in mine too.

I built a unique model of legal advice for athletes and artists.

And all this with a great group of professionals that form Ariete FO, commanded by the Director Fernanda González and where I feel one more piece of this gear that we form.”


And this is a summary of the story of the beginning of Ariete.
Little by little the company has been growing … until, 10 years later, we have reached what we are today.

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