Ariete Family Office

Capital in your life

ARIETE IS A FAMILY OFFICE, with its headquarters in Barcelona, but with a global scope. We provide comprehensive, multidisciplinary advice on family wealth management based on values and independence.

Our method, created in-house, is based on specialised Financial Planning aimed at families whose wealth originates from the worlds of sport, art, show business, enterprise or business.

These have irregular and asymmetric wealth generation cycles which demand special, bespoke solutions.

We work under a Personal Advisor model, which in conjunction with a multidisciplinary team, seeks to address your wealth in a timely manner based on the goals and desires agreed in your Life Wealth Plan.

ARIETE IS ABOUT CAPITAL, about wealth, it is a beautiful and stimulating way of making a difference in life and to the situations of our clients/friends. It is about managing their values, hopes and dreams.

Capital with no soul makes no sense. It needs to form part of a plan which makes us and our surroundings better. Otherwise it just becomes a source of problems and dissatisfaction.

For this reason, our professional team approach success on the markets based on a congruence between our lifestyles and emotions and our convictions.